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  1. Why Do You Need to Be a Gentleman?
  2. 20 Things That Make A Man A Gentleman | Gentleman's Journal
  3. How to become the perfect gentleman in seven steps

Yes, many people drive incredibly too slow. Still, a gentleman does not allow his frustration to get the best of him. Do not play loud music — No one is impressed when someone blares his music so loud that everyone around can hear it. This only shows that he cannot live without getting added attention, even when parked at a red light.

Gentlemen do not require this extra attention, nor do they want it. Do not honk unless in danger — Unless another vehicle is about to collide into yours, there is really no reason to honk your horn. We have all seen the group of guys in a car that honk at the pretty girl walking down the street. Honking your horn will not win you a date. Be respectful and have the courage to actually speak to women. Unless you are competing in some sort of racing event, revving an engine and peeling out makes you look foolish and immature.

When you find yourself in a situation wherein you are a guest, remember the following: Always call ahead — Calling your host before you arrive is a polite gesture. It allows the person to make sure everything is in order and as they would like it to be. Try not to just show up unannounced. Make a quick call and let them know you are going to make it on time. Bring Something — Do not expect your host to have everything he or she could possibly need for your stay or visit.

This will obviously vary depending on the situation, but always bring what you think your host may not have or could use. For an overnight stay this is really important. Do not appear bored — If you find your event to be rather dull, never allow yourself to let your guest see that you are bored.

Why Do You Need to Be a Gentleman?

It will undoubtedly make your host feel uncomfortable. A good remedy for this is to have a backup plan of possible activities in case the visit proves awkward or dull. Send a thank you — A day or two after your visit, show your appreciation by sending a thank you to your host. This can be in the form of a simple card or letter. If you suspect your host spent some money on the event, it is a good idea to send a small thank you gift as well.

Your host will feel he or she did well and very appreciated. In a Relationship This is one topic that requires a gentleman to be the ultimate gentleman. A gentleman will do this by adhering to the following: Remember the little things — A gentleman makes it a point to remember little things about his significant other. If she loves a certain candy, he picks it up for her at the store. If she likes her socks put in the drawer a certain way, he does it her way.

Doing little things like this may sometimes go unnoticed, but it is when she notices you do them that you see how much they really mean.

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Open car doors for her — Many men feel embarrassed or are shy about chivalric acts like opening doors for a woman. That is unfortunate.

Never expect a woman to wash your clothes. It is when a man begins to expect things like these to be done that a woman starts to feel unappreciated. Be a gentleman and take it upon yourself to do things like this, at least every now and then. Let go of pride — Pride has no place in a relationship. If you are having an argument over something, do not be unwilling to listen to her side of the story and admit if your own misunderstandings or wrongdoings. Never have too much pride to admit your own failures.

A gentleman understands the pride should be reserved for other things. If she is getting home late from work, make a romantic dinner for her. Buy her flowers or candy for no reason. These are the things that can continuously rekindle the flame in a relationship.

On a Date In the old days, when a man was to take woman on a date, he practiced his chivalry and made a point to act in a manner that was worthy of a girls attention. Always pay for everything — Some think that in the modern world we live in that it is fine for a woman to pay for things on dates. I do not think this way. Women want to feel appreciated and important. Do not allow them to pay. It suggest to them that they are not even worthy of a dinner bill.

They do not want to take you out. Be the gentleman and pick up your date. Dress appropriately — Please guys, do not wear gym shorts and a tank top on a date. This does not mean you need to go find a suit and tie, but at least wear a polo and some nice pants. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the date what she will be wearing so that she will not be worried and feel uncomfortable if the two of you are dressed entirely different.

Use good manners — Although you may prefer to eat your spaghetti by slurping the noodles and licking extra sauce off of your fingers at home, your date might not find it very appealing. Practice good table manners. Chew with your mouth closed and keep your elbows off the table. Have plans for the night — Nothing Is worse than driving around with a girl and not having the slightest idea as to where you are going to go or what you are going to do. It is the fast track to a dull and awkward night.

This will portray confidence and self-assurance. In an Argument With Someone If you ever find yourself in an argument or disagreement with someone, you will want to maintain your gentlemanly character. Avoid physical fighting if possible — Eventually, you will be in a situation wherein a drunken person pushes you because he is drunk and would like a nice fight.

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Do not be the person to throw the first punch. Thus, you show you are a gentleman. Do not raise your voice — If you are having an argument with someone, do your best to not get overexcited and raise your voice. If you do, you are showing that you have a very short temper and are not able to carry a tough conversation without losing it.

20 Things That Make A Man A Gentleman | Gentleman's Journal

Gentlemen know how to control their emotions and temper. Take disagreements outside — If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you must address some sort of problem that has arisen, do not do it in public or around a large group of people. Be slow to anger — Rather than immediately getting defensive and angry, try analyzing the situation and seeing it for what it really is.

If a store clerk has accidentally given you too little change, do not lash out in anger at the manager. Ask him quietly if he could look into the situation. A gentleman is calm, relaxed, and slow to anger. At Work Everyone who has ever had a job knows that it can be stressful. Do your work — No matter how mundane or difficult your work may be, always make sure you complete it before going home. You may hate your job, but it is nevertheless the thing you get up and do every day.

Take pride in the fact that you are employed. Gentlemen have work ethics. Do not complain about others — You may be the only person at your job that truly works and gets things done.

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How to become the perfect gentleman in seven steps

Having said that, do not go complaining to your boss about the lackluster performance of your coworkers. It does not matter how they perform. They are not gentleman. You are. Their performance will catch up to them in one way or another. Do what you are told — Your boss may randomly ask you to clean the toilets if the janitor happens to be sick one day. Do not think that you are above anything. A gentleman knows that we are all equal in society and does not hold his self-worth any higher than the next man.

Respect those above you and take the high road. Do what is asked of you. Challenge unethical practices — If you for any reason feel that something your employer is doing is unethical or hurtful to others, be the man who steps up and says something. It does not matter if you get penalized.