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  3. THE REAL DEAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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His infectious personality soon saw David thrown into the world of TV and he became the go-to expert on shows including This Morning and The Antiques Show.

The expert got his big break in when he became the main host of Bargain Hunt and gained a legion of fans. On the programme, he shows off his good eye for money by helping Britons sell their unwanted antiques for the best price.

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Before making a name for himself on television, Bradley began his career as a professional football player. He later turned his hand to acting and starred as Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street for two years. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day natural resources. Blog When disaster strikes: ways of describing bad events November 20, Read More.

Tuls' Takes: Cal LB Evan Weaver Is The Real Deal

New Words facial fingerprint. November 18, To top. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Dictionary apps.

THE REAL DEAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. Yes, maybe on date ten, but first he has to knock your socks off and court you like the princess that you are. No excuses. Those are meaningless unless they are supported by corresponding blood, sweat, and tears on your part.


He needs to be there for you, not just do the talk. That is cutting corners and you would be leaving reality and living in la la land by buying into his crap. Block out his excuses and just know that he is not as committed to you as he may say he is.

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Plain and simple. I understand if the two of you would like to maintain some form of privacy, but the guy who really takes you seriously will want to show you off. Transparency is key. If you sense that is he is trying to maintain his singledom and is only taken when in your presence, that is a sign right there that he is unsure, shaky, or cowardly.

the real deal

Get out before he breaks your heart. That means he will not take you for granted or play games with your heart. If you see any signs that he gets a kick out of hurting you or disrupting your peace, that is a huge red flag to give him the middle finger and go on your merry way to someone who deserves you. In fact, the two of you will be on equal ground and aspire to grow to new lengths as a team.

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There is no separation! You will know if he is treating you like some kind of moldable barbie doll he can shape anyway he wants. That is unacceptable and a sign that he is placing conditions on keeping you in his life and disempowering you as a result.

The GOP’s “Real Deal” Defense Is Fake

If he showcases this behavior, bid him farewell and keep your integrity intact. I understand if he is a faulty human being and spews out a white lie here and there, just as you might as well.


There is a difference between purposely lying for the sake of lying and mistakenly leaving out something you might care to know. I used to have an ex-boyfriend who was a pathological liar and for some reason, I kept letting him off the hook. It is not your job to fix him or beg for the truth.

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