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  1. Fame and misfortune: which celebrities made the biggest money mistakes?
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Even if the writers don't agree with these criticisms, it's not like they're invalid, and attacking your critics isn't a good look. What bewilders me more about this scene is that it's an issue which the show has actually made steps to fix, and Fluttershy's characterization in this very episode would not be possible if the show hadn't taken those criticisms to heart.

It's Fluttershy who talks back to these harassers, and aside from initially curling up into a ball when we first see her being harassed, she doesn't display the cowardice or shyness which made her episodes feel repetitive in the show's middle seasons. The episode is refuting a criticism which is no longer relevant, and I'd be quite confused to learn that people still make that claim after season 6. The first sign that the journal might not be received exactly as Twilight intended is when she meets collectors who bought the book simply to preserve it and resell it later when its value increases, and these are the funniest of the episode's collection of weirdos simply because one, they have the most organic dialogue, and two, they're the most unexpected of the lot.

You can see why Twilight might be less than pleased with that, but the next ponies she meets are simply criticizing Rarity among themselves because they think she took too much credit for an event, and I think the mane six ought to have expected that. If you're gonna put something even that autobiographical out to the public, it shouldn't be surprising when people make judgments about you from it.

Furthermore, these ponies aren't bothering the mane six with their opinions, so I don't see how that fits the subtext about fans being too aggressive with their responses to the show.

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Of the surprisingly wide variety of morals offered here, I think this best fits the implied thread that people will always criticize your work and you just need to deal with it, but I don't think the episode puts much emphasis on how the mane six should deal with criticism, and that makes scenes like this feel unbalanced. The episode initially made me defensive, and while I no longer think that was entirely reasonable, I still think this episode could have done more to feel less mean-spirited towards its own audience.

Another issue is that I don't think the friendship journal works very well as a parallel for the show. When characters are shouting at Fluttershy or Twilight, they don't really sound like they're talking about something presented as an advice book with context from real events, and aside from being rather distracting, that lack of subtlety just isn't very sophisticated. Applejack's issue, which is that ponies have begun trying to join her family, is less conspicuous in this regard, but it's still more disturbing than particularly funny.

Thankfully that song at the end is delightful, and although the musical number relies a bit too much on imagery of the ponies standing in a line in front of a simple background, parts also have a lovely pop-up book motif which makes up for the more dull shots, and the song itself elevates the entire sequence, with a catchy hook and solid, reasonably insightful lyrics about how one needs to take a person't flaws with their virtues. I might need a little more distance from my initial overreaction to really listen to it on its own, but unlike many other songs from the past few seasons, I can easily imagine myself doing that.

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  • Fame And Misfortune.

I liked looking at this innocent cartoon and analyzing its hidden depths, and this is still something I get a kick out of when there's an episode I really like. But it's not as much fun when I don't find the broader strokes of the episode very entertaining, and while "Fame and Misfortune" has a lot going on, I didn't enjoy watching it a whole lot, and that's not something I'm happy about. I've been very critical of season 7, and it's often just been because I'm not having much fun.

My Little Pony - Fame and Misfortune

The subtext that I used to enjoy picking out is usually pretty explicit nowadays, and that can be fun to critique and analyze in its own way, but it also makes picking through a tedious episode less rewarding. I've tried to be fair to "Fame and Misfortune," but even interpreted in the most charitable light, I just don't find this kind of story especially fun.

Maybe it has a point, though. I've been awfully grumpy about the show lately, and I'm not having as much fun writing about it as I used to. Maybe I should take a break.

Fame and misfortune: which celebrities made the biggest money mistakes?

See, I keep telling you that overanalyzing this show makes me like it more. You can find more episode reviews at my offsite blog. Previous entry Equestria Girls special review: "Mirror Magic". Next entry Episode review: "Triple Threat".

Fame and Misfortune PDF Ebook

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